Shenzhen Huida Yuntai Technology Co., Ltd. was established in June 2014! The office address is located at 307, Tiegang Building, Baotian 1st Road, Xixiang Street Office, Baoan District, Shenzhen.

        In 2016, in order to better serve overseas customers, we acquired Future Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong).

        Shenzhen Huida Yuntai Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional embedded electronic product solution provider!

        We have many years of successful experience in the design, development and production of car DVD, MP5 and GPS navigation! Whether it is a fuel vehicle or a new energy source, we have a number of successful cooperation cases in the pre-installation market! Dongfeng Nissan, Foton Motor, Lingbao Automobile, Beiqi, Zhidou and other well-known domestic customers, we have cooperated to develop a variety of pre-installed products!

        The company has core advantages in LINUX and ANDROID system development. Rockchip, Allwinner Technology, and Actions are our core suppliers. Relying on these embedded platforms, we are in big health, big data, Internet of things, intelligent The fields of travel, consumer electronics, industrial control and other fields have achieved a lot! For example: development of face recognition algorithm hardware platform for Haisheng Haizhilian Technology, development of intelligent health all-in-one machine hardware platform for Gary Technology, development of ordering machine (tablet computer), electronic organ for Japan Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, WPC, KAWAYI (Display Terminal), Navigation Box and more!

        A new Year!

        We will, as always, focus on the system layer!

        Focus on underlying development!

        Dig deep!

        We firmly believe!

        With our joint efforts!

        In the revolutionary wave of Industry 4.0!

        We will go forward bravely!

        We will be full of harvest!