MP5 Module-F1C200S Solution

MP5 Module-Customized Solution-Example

  • Product Description

        This product uses a dedicated hardware decoding chip to achieve full HD (1080P) MP5 decoding with a streamlined and efficient multimedia decoding system and the smallest size. It has rich interfaces, flexible configuration and stable performance. kinds of fields...

  • Product features (can be adjusted according to actual needs)

♡ Adopt customer-specified dedicated hardware decoding chip;

♡ with 512Mb DDR;

♡ Single 5V power supply, ultra-low power consumption;

♡ Flexible and customizable cool UI interface;

♡ Complete interfaces, simple peripheral circuits, and wide application range;

♡ Support RGB666 output (multi-resolution), support composite video (CVBS) output, expand VGA, YPBPR, S-Video if necessary;

♡ Support multi-format audio and video, support lossless music;

♡ Support two-way composite video input (CVBS);

♡ Two-channel stereo output;

♡ Support flexible touch screen operation (serial port touch or four-wire touch), which can easily share a touch screen with other vehicle-mounted devices;

♡ Support remote control and key input;

♡ Support SD card, USB and other storage devices, and can support large-capacity mobile hard disks;

♡ System firmware can be upgraded via SD card or USB;

♡ Small size (56.8mmX36.8mm thickest part is only 2mm), supports pins or patches, which is convenient for system integration.